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House of Dolls Inc. is the first Legal Canadian Sex Doll Rental service to be established in Canada.

We strive for clean, safe, sex that is fulfilling and completely discreet. We take pride in the work we do and strive to be the most reputable company in our industry.

Our head office is in Kamloops, British Columbia, and we are already expanding into other areas and cities across Canada. We are completely open and honest about all our work and are more than happy to answer any questions you may have.

Sex Dolls, though they may create uncomfortable feelings for those with social skills and neurotypical abilities, are often seen in the Sexual Health community as a positive outlet for a huge range of people.

Has been scientifically proven that humans suffer when their sexual needs remain unsatisfied.

It is important to be open minded and understand that not all people are able to have a “normal” sexual/ physical relationship with others, often due to social stigma in our culture.

Some people have crippling social anxiety, an inability to connect with others, due to trauma, mental or physical disabilities, have fetishes that they do not want to/are embarrassed to share with their partners or are elderly and have lost their partners.

Beautiful life size dolls offer an alternative connection for all sorts of situations and people.

This may also apply to people working out their sexual preference, or gender identity, who are not quite ready to share with the world.

Maybe some need a safe space to figure themselves out and do not have that outlet.

We are sure it is not fair to judge or deny anybody an opportunity to channel their innermost desires, therefore encourage everyone to feel free to book a time with one of our models.

Firmly established in the 21st Century, House of Dolls proudly embraces the values of acceptance an equality for all, while catering to needs and wishes left unfulfilled in older times.

This aspect of the sex industry is fast growing; we strive to stay on top of new technology and will keep up with the latest trends as per the demand of our clientele.

We will be expanding our offerings with sales of new models as they become available, with special discount prices only open to our existing satisfied customers.

We invite you to visit our website regularly for our latest news and arrivals.

If interested in purchasing any of our beautiful sex doll models, please let us know and we can arrange a viewing.